To achieve maximum quality of the data, all instruments used were based on knowledge of earlier studies and expert consultations, and were piloted, validated, and optimised. The survey questionnaires of EURO-URHIS 2 were based on already existing, validated instruments; selected indicators were as little culturally sensitive as possible.

Questionnaires were translated in the local language(s) and, for validation purposes, back-translated into English. Youth survey response rates were generally very high. In the adult survey, a minimum response rate of 30% was required to be included for benchmarking.

Despite all our efforts, and as in any survey, the point estimates for certain health indicators in individual urban areas may deviate from other estimates, and may not be comparable to other local information due to differences in study methodology and indicator definitions.

If you would like further information regarding the methodology, please see our websites http://www.urhis.eu and http://results.urhis.eu.